Oct 23, 2017

Next Mountains and Rivers meeting/workshop 11th November 2017

Our last meeting of the month will be held on the 
11th November at 12 noon.

This will be our Christmas meeting and Lunch.
(please bring a plate).

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our Members and Readers!

We have a short meeting followed by a workshop.
Our guest teacher will be Lyn Yeadon.

Lyn will be sharing with us her Christmas Art Journal.

The technique's used in this journal may be used in a variety of ways, including cards. You will able you to use your own imagination and play with colour in a variety of ways once you see this technique.

A selection of the pages in the Art Journal.

Of Course any of these pages or your own designs,
can be turned into cards, just paint the added details smaller.
These are samples of 5" x 7" cards.

Aug 23, 2017

No Frills pieces- October 2017

Hi excited to bring you these lovely painted pieces from some excellent teachers within our members at Mountains and rivers.

These photo's are in no order, you will just have to wait for the weekend booklet published.

With previous No Frills weekend you do not have to be a member to attend, and members may bring a guest along. You may stay the weekend or just for the day. Prices will apply, as yet have not been published. More details later.

We have six teachers, three each day. see the photo's;

Aug 9, 2017

August meeting 2017.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday 12th August.

At the CWA rooms, Tindale Street, Penrith.
12 noon/ meeting and workshop.

Our Guest speaker will be Laraine Palmer.

Sharing with us and Painting "Lady from Moulin Rouge"

Laraine painted this piece on a large handbag, you may paint it on anything you like. Some pre-prep work will be needed.

Jun 8, 2017

Mountains and Rivers Annual General Meeting

Our AGM will be on Saturday the 8th July 2017 at 12 noon.

Our Guest Artist will be Kate Belton, Kate will be teaching us how to paint a lovely Peacock.

Cost; $15 for the workshop, ($5 to Kate if you use her inks)

This peacock is painted using Matisse Derivan Inks, if you have these please bring them along as we supply our own paint now. If you do not have these inks, you may use Kate's, but perhaps pay her $5 per person for using them.

Kate has given us two sizes; 50cm x 76cm (20 x 30") or 30cm x 60cm (12 x 24") or any size you want in between these sizes. Kate will supply a pattern on the day.

You will also need to bring; Any Matisse inks you have, black transfer paper, a water colour pallet or one that has small recesses to hold ink, a pencil, a pen with a nib(like the old school pens), a water spray bottle, some rags and paper towel, all your usual painting requirements and brushes.
The M and R shop will be open on the day.

Coat your board or canvas with a generous coat of white Gesso in a random fashion using a pallet knife. The surface should be uneven so the ink can run and make streaks of colour in the background. Make sure this is dry well before class.